Terms and Condition as per Zonda Rent A Car,
Car Hire Agreement

1. In case of accident caused by the hirer, he has to pay the insurance amount in addition to the daily rent till the vehicle completely repaired otherwise, he/she had to pay only the rent till the vehicle competently repaired.
2. In case of any accident, before the completion of police report the vehicle can’t be moved to Rent office or anywhere else otherwise, the hirer will be fully responsible.
3. If any accident occurred because the “Driver” was influenced by alcohol or any other substitute having the same damages occurred to the vehicle.
4. Hirer is responsible to pay for repair and daily rent, for the period of non work due to an accident, or technical trouble occurred because of carelessness, negligence or intention of hirer.
5. The lease holder with his knowledge agreed to keep the vehicle under the following & controlling of satellite.
6. The hirer agrees to pay for all traffic fines and parking company reserves the right within one year of the end of such rental, to claim any such unpaid amount from the hirer.
7. It is hereby agreed upon between the hirer and the company that in case of a “Total loss” (vehicle beyond economical repairs) the hirer agrees to pay to the company 30% of the total insured value of the vehicle if the vehicle is less than 12 months from the date of purchase. 20% more than 12 months.
8. In case of the accident or technical trouble, hirer has to inform the rent office, hirer is not allowed to repair without informing the rent office.
9. Hirer is not allowed to use the vehicle to draw another vehicle or use it races. He will be responsible for any damage due to that.
10. Hirer is not allowed to hand over vehicle to unlicensed driver, or a person less than 25 years old and one year old Driver License otherwise he/she will be responsible for all caused damages.
11. No permission to use the vehicle outside U.A.E. Vehicles Insurance policy is valid inside U.A.E only
12. Extend of Rental Agreement requires a prior written approval from Zonda Rent A Car
13. The company absolves itself or any responsibility for any cash or valuables belonging to the hirer that may be lost whilst the vehicle is in his/her possession or after the entire period of the hire.
14. The hirer must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe and secure place when it is not in use, any damage caused to the vehicle including damage due to acts of nature will be the sole responsibility and liability of the hirer as the same cannot be claimed from the insurance.
15. One day hire means 24 hours and extra hours will be calculated as full day and the month is of 30 days.
16. Hirer should not sub hire the vehicle.
17. The hirer undertakes not to stick colored or Tint windows on the vehicle glass or any other stickers of the vehicle body.
18. The hirer allowed to drive 200Kms on the rent day and he/she will be charged as per rent calculation for any extra km above that.
19. In case of the robbery or vehicle burn the hirer will pay the rent amount till the insurance claim issued.
20. The office has all the right to confiscate the vechgile at any time without prior warning
21. Customer will hold all payment liabilities for courts of law besides daily rent will still arise until case is over.
22. There will be a service charge of (1) AED per every Salik additional to RTA charges.
23. There will be a service charge of (20) AED per evry traffic fine & There will be a charge of (100) AED against the returned cheques.
24. In the event of an accident by the tenant and the reform of the car without the knowledge of the office bears the amount of (5000) AED
25. The hirer should leave an amount(cash,or block through credit card) as security deposit for car rental, incase for fines and damages caused by the hirer. This will be refunded to the hirer after a month.

Privacy Policy

We may collect the following information while booking the car:

1. Name
2. Contact information including email address
3. Copy of Drivers passport or emirates ID,Copy of Driving License

The above personal information will be collected and saved by Zonda Rent A Car. The All data and information collected from You, Zonda Rent A Car is treated confidentially respecting the applicable laws on data protection.

Refund Policy

If you have made a pre-paid reservation and cancel the car booking before 48 hours from the due date of the actual booking of the car, then 2.60%+ 1 AED will be charged from the total invoice. If the car is cancelled just within the 48 hours from the due date of the actual booking of the car then 70% of the invoice amount will be refunded.