Welcome to Zonda Rent a Car!

We have an array of brands including Rolls Royce, Wiesmann, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota and Mitsubishi , offers our customers new experiences driving these esteemed brands. Our competitiveness is built on a range of factors that make our offering by far unique.


Our philosophy is built on absolute two essentials – Luxury offerings and unmatched services. Over the years the team at Zonda Rent A Car has transformed these essentials into values ensuring our customers an experience that is both ecstatic and memorable.

Our Vision

to be a leading rental car company that operates according to international standards.

Our Mission

to offer the most luxurious brands accompanied by the highest service standards.

we are highly business oriented, and acknowledge the importance of competition, this i reflected in our pricing also. We are confident that our competitive prices coupled with our excellent services and unique products, all position us as an inevitable destination for customers seeking renting of outstanding cars.

Our team target large corporations, governmental departments, organizers of exhibitions and conferences, tourism bodies and the like offering flexible tailor made solutions.